The stone notes are pure white for both the front cover and the inner paper.

There is neither a ruled line nor a cover design.

Its innocent and pure white field shapes your own special note.

It was not likely "pure white note"

Your ideas, creation and thoughts.

Only one notes field for you in the world.




It is a flagship model of "Kizam" brand.

"Pure white note" to stimulate your sensibility

You will produce only one color notes in the world.

※Fountain pens of photos are not included.

#936 Product's information

name Kizam#936
standard B5(H 257㎜×W 182㎜×D 8㎜)
number of pages 64pages(Both sides 32 pages)


※About twice the weight of general B5 size notebook.

Front page

Back cover


specific gravity1.4

※About 1.8 times of coated paper.

It looks like paperboard with a moderately strong elasticity and matt.
Inside paper RPD140μ
specific gravity1.2
Paper quality is elastic and matte

Comparison of pens to use


If you write strongly the writing pressure firmly.

〇Ballpoint pen

It is comfortable to write like to suck.

〇fountain pen

It takes a while to dry.

〇A brush for Japanese calligraphy

After writing, you can enjoy a unique texture if it flows with water.



Kizam brand flagship model "Kizam # 936" is a special note for writing free thoughts and thoughts.

The cover is soft and matte finish, and the main inner sheet to be engraved is finished like a paperboard for easy writing.

Writing comfort will certainly be felt as a special thing that has never been experienced.

The material of the Kizam brand is not pulp (paper).

About 80% of the material is made of "limestone".

By limestone (stone) instead of paper, it strongly protects your feelings of water for long years.

Also, because the material is stone, the specific gravity is higher than the notebook of normal pulp material, 300 g per book (weigh about twice the normal B5 size notebook).


You can carve your thoughts depicted with your free thought into the world's heaviest note.


 Kizam #936


Only one in the world

Draw a thought

Your only notebook

※"World's Top" in the world's heaviest note is based on our comparison with standard B5 size notebook (32 pages).

Kizam#936The back design is also a simple design, and it finishes not to disturb your own free note making.

The raw material is Taiwan. The notebook is manufactured in Japan.

You will be satisfied with the special writing comfort you have never tasted. I am making it a special specification that you will always write pleasantly. Surely you will be surprised at the pleasantness of writing.

It consists of 64 pages (2 pages on both sides * not included in the cover page) of 2 pages in the middle, finishing it with very simple without ruled lines and border lines.

Because the material is limestone instead of pulp (paper), it will not break or get wet even if it gets wet with water. It is possible to peel off the material without hurting even if it gets wet with water and sticks.

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